Metal Made Flesh Collected Edition

An Illustrated Cyberpunk novella


Metal Made Flesh Book


Welcome to Tuaoni

A backwater colony where the unruly prosper and the destitute perish. A thick veil of blue mist hangs low over the creeping city sprawl that stretches from the lawless Strip all the way to the famed imperial gardens – home to the many crooked factions that make up the Royal Elite. The denizens of the strip say that the mist itself is the result of raw corruption seeping from cracks in the pavements, infecting the thieves, hustlers, mercenaries and assorted scum that gather here from all over the known universe. Here, under neon skies, the last remnants of the human race – pursued across the galaxy by a relentless foe – must take refuge.

Here, three desperate mercenaries must fight for their lives.



Jeremy Biggs

Founder of Subversive comics and writer of Metal Made Flesh

Simeon Aston

Creator and artist of Metal Made Flesh


"One amazing sci-fi epic graphic novella... 5/5"

-Adrian Mursec

“cyberpunk GOLD... ART in its truest form... a privilege to own work like this.”

-Gary Watson Comics Anonymous

“If Blade Runner and Judge Dredd are even remotely your thing, then you will not be disappointed.”

-Richard Cosgrove

“Gritty, adult sci-fi with few punches pulled.... cyberpunk with great hardware.”

-Strictly Kev (DJ Food), Ninja Tunes

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